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What makes Scoopy so great?


SCOOPY was invented in New Zealand as a way to deal with the annoying condensation that forms on windows during Winter months.  That condensation is caused by warm air meeting cold air.  This could take place on an exterior window, on a shower door, on a mirror, on a wall...the list goes on and on.  If the water is left to drip down to the bottom, it could cause nasty mildew stains, which are ugly and potentially harmful.  You could use a conventional squeegee, but the water is just going to pool at the bottom, so what's the point?  You could use a towel, but who wants to do more laundry?  De-humidifier - too expensive!  SCOOPY helps you get rid of that water without puddles of water on your window sill, without extra laundry, and without the cost of a de-humidifying system!


For the first time, SCOOPY is being distributed in

North America.  Order yours today - only $24.95 + tax & shipping.

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