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Wish I had a Scoopy years ago!!  Awesome, Thanks!”


"...such a great product!  Does the job so easily and quickly, no more soggy towels, and dare I say it, it's almost fun!"


"Awesome product!  I've used the Scoopy quite a few times now and got 220mls from the windows this morning!

So much better scooping it all up than it running down into my wooden window sills!"


"The squeegee works great!  Comes with a microfibre cloth which really makes it so much easier!"


"I couldn’t believe how amazingly fast the Scoopy removes water from the surface of the window and leaves it perfectly dry."


"Fantastic and simple to use tool for windows"


"...Scoopy works well.  'Almost' look forward to wet windows so I can use my new toy!"


"Fantastic invention."


"Whether you have a condensation issue like myself,

or you just want a fast and effective way to remove excess moisture from the shower,

walls, ceilings or other surfaces, you definitely need to have a Scoopy in your home."

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